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Choosing right pair of earrings requires a keen sense of shape, color and style.

  • Keep your earrings proportional to the size of your ears. Tiny studs don't look good on bigger ears and big hoops don't match a smaller ear. Do not buy earrings of the same shape as your face, unless it's perfect. Round earrings will make a round face look rounder. Same thing with square, rectangular and triangular face shapes. However, round earrings or hoops will make a square face softer.

  • Long straight earrings look better with long straight hair. Curved chandeliers should go with wavy hair.

  • If you have a low neckline, you better put big earrings. Don't wear any neck jewelry though, or you will look overloaded. You can still put a bracelet.

  • Earrings color should only complement the color and style of your outfit and skin tone. Either balance neutral with bold colors or wear complementary colors throughout.